LED Dog Collar

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Are you a Dog Owner who loves their Dog? Then this custom LED Dog Collar is a MUST HAVE!
Every single dog owner wants to keep their furry loved ones safe! Buy your pup our Paw Prime LED lighted dog collar to keep them seen, safe, and protected during the day and at night. The LED dog collar is perfect for walks after sundown, or for letting the dog out after dusk. Quickly spot your pup in the back yard at night to make sure they are okay! This collar is also great if you like to bring your dog camping!

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60-80 hour battery life, waterproof, turn on/off, regular/flashing modes, replaceable battery 

X-Small -->   0.6" H x 7-10.5" L  (teacup dogs like Yorkies)
Small ----->   1" H x 13-16.5" L   (tiny dogs and puppies like Terriers)
Medium -->   1" H x 15-18.5" L   (small to medium sized dogs like Spaniels)
Large ----->   1" H x 17- 20.5" L  (large sized dogs like Pit bulls)
X-Large --->  1" H x 20-23.5" L   (huge dogs like Mastiffs)

The breeds above are just suggestions and may not be accurate to size.  Please measure your dogs neck to be positive the collar you order will fit.  

Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping due to high demand.